Copper Mountain Tubing & Sledding

Copper Mountain Tubing and Sledding

Head over to Copper Mountain’s East Village for its unique tubing hill that has banked turns, unlike the other tubing hills in the area. The tubing sessions run for an hour on every hour from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM every day, except for Wednesdays (for grooming and maintenance).

Tubing is a fun activity for the down days in between skiing, or for the members of your group that don't want to ski at all. Tickets can be picked up in the East Village Guest Services office. Once you have purchased your tickets and signed waivers, head over to the tubing hill which is located behind Copper Station and to looker’s left of the Super Bee Chairlift. East Village can be accessed via the Black Route from the Alpine Lot, or take the Copper loop transit to East Village.

Tubing is allowed for all ages with a 36-inch height requirement. Children must be able to ride in their own tube and not in a lap or with another participant.

Personal sleds and tubes are not permitted!

Note, prices are listed as $Online Pre-Purchase | $Walk-In Purchase

  • Regular Season: $22.40/hour | $28.00/hour
  • Holiday Season: $27.20/hour | $34.00/hour
  • Additional Hour Regular Season: $14.00/hour | $14.00/hour
  • Additional Hour Holiday Season: n/a | n/a
  • Group Tubing Rate Regular Season: $16.00/hour | $16.00/hour
  • Group Tubing Rate Holiday Season: $22.00/hour | $22.00/hour

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